2016 ~ xxxx 週報 (2016 ~ xxxx Hash Trash)

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訂閱捷兔亂報電子報,請寫信到台北捷兔信箱,告知您的本名、兔名 以及您隸屬的Hash是哪一個,好讓我們方便建檔。


Due to slow bandwidth speed and limited web space. We will send you email of weekly news. You shall get the epaper from us weekly.

Please send us your email address for register epaper from Taipei Hash and advise which hash you belong, your real name and hash name that we can establish your file on the database.

On the other hand, if we receive the rejected mail from your address. The register will be canceled. Therefore, if you don't receive epaper from Taipei Hash, please check if your account already overload (recommend use gmail). Please send us request again if you need to register again. Thank you!

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